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SymbolSupport iPad App

NEW VERSION! A program for customizing documents to support student reading comprehension and writing with symbols

Product Features:

  • Type text or copy and paste to add symbols automatically
  • Create custom symbols with photos from your camera roll or the built-in internet image search
  • Offers high-quality, text-to-speech and word-by-word highlighting
  • Use cloud storage to share or access documents on different devices
  • Create PDFs of symbolized documents
  • Transfer documents wirelessly with AirDrop
  • Share your documents with anyone who has the free SymbolSupport Lite app

App Store

*If your district uses a MDM system to distribute apps, please check with your IT Department before purchasing.

Product Name Item No. Price Qty
SymbolSupport App APP-SYM-07W $60.00
SymbolSupport - 5 Apps APP-SYM-57W $225.00
SymbolSupport - 20 Apps APP-SYM-207W $600.00



SymbolSupport is a utility that adds symbols to text. As text is typed, symbols are automatically added. Text can also be copied from pre-existing written materials and pasted into SymbolSupport where symbols will instantly be added. Two symbol libraries are included: Slater Literacy Support Pictures™ and Attainment’s Image Library. Plus, images are easily accessible through your camera roll and built-in internet search.

SymbolSupport Lite is a separate, free app that can receive, read, and print documents that have been created in the SymbolSupport full version. SymbolSupport Lite cannot edit documents.

Both SymbolSupport and SymbolSupport Lite read documents with a high-quality text-to-speech voice and word-by-word highlighting. This support helps students better understand class assignments. Documents can be locked to prevent them from being altered.

Files created with the original SymbolSupport app are compatible with this release. SymbolSupport will open and convert older documents so they’re ready to use again!


Additional Info

Additional Info

Age Group Pre-K, Elementary, Secondary, Transition
Subject Assistive Technology
Platform iOS
Compatibility Requires iOS 10.0 or later
License 1 device license

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